Happy Holidays – Free Holiday Themed Fifth Edition Adventure

It’s time to kick Santa’s butt!

As many of you may know for the past several weeks I’ve been working on a holiday themed adventure for fifth edition. It all started with me deciding to create a stat block for Santa Claus. Then I went a little further and created stats for Mrs. Claus and the rest of Santa’s crew (including the crowd-pleasing hot chocolate elementals). The reaction to these creatures was so great that I decided to create a free adventure as a holiday gift for the readers of this blog. Well now you can grab it in the link below!

Happy Holidays

With the Winter holidays ruined by a rash of explosive coal gifts, adventurers must venture to the North Pole to discover what’s making Santa punish the nice and reward the naughty. Happy Holidays is an adventure for four to six 20th level characters which uses fifth edition rules.


Here are the maps I made using Pyromancers’ Dungeon Painter. It’s a free easy-to-use online mapmaking tool. Take a look at the gridded and gridless options of the map below. You should easily be able to bring the 51×51 map into any virtual table.

map51x51 grid map51x51 no grid

Blog Carnival

I should also mention that this blog post is part of this month’s RPG Blog Carnival, which is being hosted right here on this very blog for all of December. The theme is “Homebrew Holiday Gifts.” I’m asking bloggers everywhere to share their RPG creations for their favorite systems with me. At the end of the month I’ll make a list linking all participating blog posts so everyone can checkout the fine homebrew creations in one place.

More PDFs

Check out the Free Game Resources section of the site for more free RPG goodness. You can grab several maps there with gridded and gridless options (and their corresponding adventures) along with free PDFs of fifth edition magic itemsmonsters, backgroundsD&D fifth edition rules modulesspells, and more created by yours truly.

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