Free D&D Adventure: Slime Cave of Norwal

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The farm village Norwal attracts a few tourists annually with the ruins of Orthive’s tower and the famous Slime Cave. The ruins are just the foundation of the semi-famous conjurer’s tower that blew up in a mysterious accident. The river that cuts through Slime Cave flows with glowing sludge that gives the caverns an eerie glow.

Anthla Tremal leads the Cult of Slugidor, the ancient deity of oozes. She brought the cult to the caves five days ago after learning Orthive’s tower was destroyed when the now-deceased wizard tried to summon Slugidor. The cult found the basement of Orthive’s tower connected to the caves and captured and questioned Orthive’s ghost. According to Orthive, the cult needs a “worthy sacrifice” to offer the demon lord. Anthla sends the minor oozes created in the slime to terrorize the people of Norwal, hoping heroes track the monsters back to Slime Cave.

This short adventure is designed for five 4th-level characters and features social interaction, exploration, and combat. Scaling options are provided for parties of levels 1, 2, 3, and 5. The adventure is written using the 5E basic rules, but also includes suggestions on how to use Kobold Press’s Creature Codex.

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