About the Worldbuilder

Hey, I’m James Introcaso and I love collaborative stories. Specifically, I love when they’re told around a table, rolling some dice with friends. Enormous legends and small, intimate moments are all part of the experiences we share at the table. I’ve been playing tabletop RPGs since I was nine years old and I unabashedly, whole-heartedly, feel-no-geek-shame-ily, love living in my imagination.

I’ve played a lot of different tabletop games in my 19 years of doing so, but the one that I always come back to is the classic and popular Dungeons and Dragons. It’s easier for newer folks to pick up and I’m all about growing the love for these games. It also is the game that started it all and you can’t go wrong with the original of anything (looking at you, Star Wars).

I’m going to be posting here first about how I build my newest homebrew world. Then, once things get rolling, I’ll be posting about how I prepare for our weekly adventures.

So if you’re down, come on a journey with me. Contact Me with any suggestions you have, because I’m all about collaboration.

If you want to know more about what I do, you can follow me on Twitter @JamesIntrocaso or head on over to the Podcasts page of this site to listen to me talking RPGs.

I’m also a freelance television writer and producer. You can check out my work at jamesintrocaso.com.

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