Don’t Split the Podcast Network


I own a podcast network with my friend and amazing dude, Rudy Basso, that’s all about gaming. It’s called Don’t Split the Podcast Network! Check out links to the shows I host and produce below.


Have Spellbook, Will Travel. A script fantasy comedy radio drama podcast about a group of adventurers. Created by Rudy Basso and inspired by our D&D games.


Table Top Babble. A weekly RPG talk show featuring interviews, news, reviews, panel discussions, and advice about the trending topics in gaming.







The Demonplague podcast is a dark fantasy weekly 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons actual play podcast that also streams games Thursdays on Twitch! The adventure is run by me with players Rudy Basso, Lauren Urban, TK Johnson, and Robert Adducci.








On Tabletop Voices host James Introcaso talks with roleplaying game designers and influencers who are changing the way we play tabletop games.

Check them out and let me know what you think! Follow me on Twitter to get more updates.