Round Table 36 – DungeonScape and Elemental Evil

A new episode of my podcast, The Round Table, is up on The Tome Show’s website.

I sit down with Ray FallonJohn FischerGreg Blair, and Round Table newbie Dave Gibson. We talk about the latest posts on the DungeonScape blog and the announcement that Sasquatch Game Studio will be making fifth edition products. This podcast was recorded on September 17, 2014.


5 Minute Workday

Solving Digital Distribution for DungeonScape

Character Creation Modes in DungeonScape

Thursday: Time for Transparency

Also, if you’ve been following my posts about The Tome Show Presents The Round Table’s Tarrasque Takedown 2014: Mike Shea Out for Blood, you can see a less-than-an-hour edited version of Part I of our high-level stress test here.

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