Shadow of the Demon Lord – Novice and Starting Pregens!

This is an update to a post written on Tuesday this week. If you want the new pregen goodness, skip down to the links below.


I love Shadow of the Demon Lord. Game designer Rob Schwalb has put together an amazing RPG with fun, easy-to-learn rules. At first glance this appears to be a simple dark fantasy tabletop RPG (which would be awesome by itself), but read beyond the table of contents and you’ll find it’s a deliciously wicked world of rules that twists tropes and archetypes you know well into something original and different.

You can hear more about Shadow of the Demon Lord in the Gamer to Gamer podcast I recorded with Rob back in March when his (super duper successful) Kickstarter launched. Since then he’s published the core rulebook and a ton of adventures by many amazing designers you can buy.

I have a very busy week this week and one reason is because I’m preparing to run my first ever game of Shadow of the Demon Lord with some players this Saturday. While we’re all seasoned with years of Dungeons and Dragons experience this will be their first time playing Rob’s game as well. We’re also limited on time, so as simple as Shadow of the Demon Lord’s character creation is, I went looking for pregens online. I couldn’t find any so I decided to make my own. I figured since I was going to make them, I might as well share them with you! Now they do exist online.

Below are pregens for starting (level 0) and novice (level 1) PCs. Note I fixed some typos and updated the starting PCs as well. You can always grab these pregens on the Free Game Resources section of the site.









Changeling Magician Level 1

Clockwork Warrior Level 1

Dwarf Priest Level 1

Goblin Rogue Level 1

Human Priest Level 1

Orc Warrior Level 1


Changeling Magician Witch Level 3

Clockwork Warrior Fighter Level 3

Dwarf Priest Paladin Level 3

Goblin Rogue Thief Level 3

Human Priest Cleric Level 3

Orc Warrior Berserker Level 3


Changeling Magician Witch Technomancer Level 7

Clockwork Warrior Fighter Weapon Master Level 7

Dwarf Priest Paladin Healer Level 7

Goblin Rogue Thief Acrobat Level 7

Human Priest Cleric Astromancer Level 7

Orc Warrior Berserker Brute Level 7

More Shadow of the Demon Lord pregens to come! Gotta get those expert and master ones out there!

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