James at Gen Con!

Hey everyone! Just a quick update this week since I’m at Gen Con! But I’m only here for today (Thursday), so I wanted to let you know the best way to find me.

My podcast network that I own and run with Rudy Basso, Don’t Split the Podcast Network is hosting a free Q&A panel tonight at 7PM in the Crowne Plaza in Pennsylvania Station C (that’s a conference room). Get your tickets now to reserve a spot! It won’t just be Rudy and me. Celeste Conowitch and Brittany Quintero from the Venture Maidens, Vegas Lancaster from Have Spellbook, Will Travel, and Alex Basso from Game O’Clock and Have Spellbook, Will Travel will all be there.

We’ll answer your questions, give away prizes, have a ton of fun, and then we’ll head out for drinks and food at a secret location to be revealed at the panel! So come have some fun with us!

Hope to see you tonight!

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