I’m on Ko-fi!

You can order The Demonplague, my level 1 – 20 fifth edition adventure, right now!

For over five years now, I’ve been creating podcasts, blog posts, and more available for free. I’ve been asked several times how people can support these efforts. As much of my free and professional time is now dedicated to making RPG content, I started a Ko-fi page.

What is Ko-fi? It’s a way for you to buy me “a coffee” (aka send me money in $3 increments). It’s not a standing monthly contribution like a Patreon, so you can give as much or as little as often as you like. If you’ve been enjoying my work for the last three years, please consider showing some monetary appreciation. These days I take fewer television jobs so I can focus on RPG work, and Ko-fi helps support me make all the content I give away free.

If you’re not able to show monetary appreciation, I totally get it! There’s 1,000 other ways to show appreciation for work: ratings on iTunes, DMs Guild, DriveThru, sharing my work on social media, and sharing the link to my new Ko-fi page are HUGE WAYS to help out.

Even if you’re unable to do any of those things, THANK YOU for following me and reading what I have to say. These last five years have been incredible and life-changing. I’ve made so many new friends, delved deep into a hobby I love more each day, and gotten to live the dream. Let’s hope the next five are even better!

If you like what you’re reading please consider supporting me on Ko-fi, follow me on Twitter, like World Builder Blog on Facebook, check out my podcasts, find my products on the DMs Guild, tell your friends about the blog, and/or leave me a comment and let me know you think. Thanks!

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