I now have a Patreon

You can order The Demonplague, my level 1 – 20 fifth edition adventure, right now!

This has been years coming, but I now have a Patreon. You can read all about it on the Patreon page. I started this page because I have had many people ask me over the last five or so years if they can support all the podcasts and content I create for free. It’s been a long time coming!

When this journey of making RPG content began more than half a decade ago, I had no idea where it would take me. I am privileged and honored to have so many wonderful listeners, readers, and friends that consume what I put out to the world on a daily basis. The friends who started this with me and those I have made along the way are invaluable. Let me say that your words of encouragement, your help, and your kindness mean so, so much to me.

If you’d like to support this blog and my podcasting monetarily, you now have multiple ways to do so. My Ko-fi page was the first way. The Patreon is the second, which offers a few rewards: a survey to help steer future content, some small, exclusive creations, and a monthly Q&A video. These rewards are thank you gifts for support of all the content I already make for free, similar to an NPR or PBS pledge drive reward.

If you cannot financially support the blog and podcast, no worries! Money is not an easy thing to come by and other priorities SHOULD take precedent. You can still help out by sharing your favorite posts from this blog, you favorite episodes of Table Top Babble and my other podcasts, and leaving my shows iTunes reviews if you feel so moved. In any case I am thrilled and honored to have so many wonderful people checking out the stuff that comes out of my head and onto these pages and into microphones. You are all awesome.

Become a Patron!

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