Avalor Map Under Construction

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Two weeks ago I posted about Avalor, the world I created for the monstrous heroes of my D&D in a Castle game. I spent the better part of an evening creating the map above in Roll20 using Russ Hapke’s Old World Style Maps tileset. I definitely recommend checking it out! Making maps using Russ’ tiles is fun, easy, and all of his seventeen sets work together!

Since this map is only for a four-day campaign, I didn’t make Avalor huge. It’s surrounded by ocean, mountains, jungle, forest, and desert. I also put a few weird things in there to pique the players’ interested. What is happening in the gem forest of Emeraldbatch? Why is the Red’s Rest represented by a giant dragon skeleton?

Since war is a big part of our adventure, I want the players to be able to use the map tactically for their slow, steady takeover of Avalor. Exactly how they attempt to take settlements and landmarks will be up to them (infiltration, full-on assaults, diplomacy), but I want them to be able to plan when and how they execute these operations, so I provided a hex scale on the map to help them calculate distances quickly.

This is a zoomed out view of Avalor. There are still small farms, towns, and villages dotting the place.

Now that we know the story of the world and we have a base map, I need your help. Ideas are always better when others also build on them. What else do you think this map needs? It’s not done yet! Throw out some cool ideas, and I’ll make them part of the story.

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