The End of DSPN

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Today brings with it some bittersweet news for me. Don’t Split the Podcast Network is dissolving on December 31, 2020.

Don’t worry! All your favorite DSPN shows will still stick around. It’s only the network that’s ending. All shows will keep their same feeds, but some might have a new website. Each show will have its own information about where it is headed in the coming months. Check in with them!

The dissolving of DSPN is super amicable! We’re all friends, but Rudy and I have just got too much on our plates to keep it going. We love every show on DSPN and will keep listening after we’re gone. If you haven’t checked out the amazing shows on our network, please, please do. Every single one is worthy of your ears and support.

Rudy and I want to thank all the DSPN shows, contributors, and listeners who have been with us. These last four years have been incredible, and we’re looking forward to the future.

On a personal note from me, I’m going to buckle down and really focus on tabletop roleplaying game design. I’ve loved tinkering with TTRPGs since I was a kid. Getting to do so professionally has been a super lucky and fun career change for me, and I’d like to dedicate more time to it. Podcasting and running a network was starting to feel more and more like a chore, so it wasn’t fair to the shows or the audience to keep the network going while our hearts weren’t 100% in it.

Which brings me to the biggest change that goes hand-in-hand with the dissolution of DSPN. I will be stepping down as the showrunner and host of Table Top Babble after episode 200. Creating, hosting, and producing this show has been such an amazing honor, but the listeners deserve a host who is really dedicated to making an amazing show. As my own interests pull me more and more in the direction of game design, I wanted the show to have hosts who are really passionate about talking to amazing people in the TTRPG community. That’s where Geekspective comes in.

The Geekspective podcast network will own Table Top Babble from episode 201 on, where Amber will become the new showrunner along with support from two co-hosts, Kenny and Crossways GM. More info on show structure soon to come, but I’m excited to become a listener and hear all the ways they revamp and pump up the show. The people at Geekspective are amazing friends who really love and know TTRPGs, so I’m sure they will carry on and vastly improve the legacy of Table Top Babble.

Just because you won’t hear my voice on Table Top Babble every week does not mean I’m leaving TTRPGs. This blog will still be rolling, and I plan to put out bigger and better projects than ever before. I’ll still be on Twitter and happy to be a guest on any stream, podcast, YouTube show, or other platform that will have me.

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To all my listeners and the people who support DSPN, thank you so, so much. You have truly made the last seven years podcasting so very special, and I hope that I get to roll some dice with each and every one of you. Keep rolling doing amazing things, and I cannot wait to listen to the Geekspective version of the show with you.

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