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Just a quick note today since I’m on vacation and sick as a dog. I have a few updates regarding my new podcast and podcast network for you!


You Can Subscribe to Table Top Babble Now!

I put up a quick episode 0 so you can subscribe to my new podcast, Table Top Babble, now. It’s on iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher. Here’s the RSS feed.

You’ll want to start subscribing now, since the first full episode drops Monday January 2, 2017 and it is a big, fat juicy interview with Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition lead designer Mike Mearls!!! It is a great talk about how the 5e design team is shaping the game for the future and the upcoming D&D movie.

You Can Follow Us on Social Media!

Our website launch is mere hours away, but for now you can get updates about Table Top Babble and all of Don’t Split The Podcast Network’s shows by following us on social media. Links below!

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Please start subscribing and following, as it helps new listeners find the shows! Please share us on your own socially media pages, since word of mouth is all we have.

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