The Court of Quan

Parian is a place unlike any other. The humans citizens have a rich cultural history of art, poetry, music, food, and more. Everything its citizens do they do for one man – he is their ruler and their God.


Wrong emperor.


Parian is a country that’s home to one man – Emperor Quan Denang. Everyone else in Parian is just living in his world. Quan is the supreme leader, the one and only God in the eyes of his people. His rule is absolute and there is no error in his judgement. The emperor is stronger and smarter than any other living being alive.

When the emperor dies, a new emperor takes his place – traditionally a son or brother, but any male relative of the Denang Dynasty may be appointed by the emperor in his will or on hid deathbed.

Emperor Quan has a contingent of one thousand elite bodyguards and the world’s largest military at his command. While his people believe Quan is one in a long line of infallible Gods, he does have a court of advisors – who are often the ones blamed and punished when the emperor makes a mistake.

Perhaps the most notable of all these councilors is Emperor Quan’s chief advisor. Symextrivilicus is an ancient red dragon titled Baron of All Affairs who has been advising Parian’s various emperors for hundreds of years. The dragon seems content to play second fiddle to whoever the current emperor is, but many cannot believe this is the case. It is unheard of behavior for a dragon to say the least, first to so involve himself in the affairs of mortals and even more so to then let others run the show. No one is sure what sort of game Symextrivilicus is playing, but many are sure he is playing one.

Emperor Quan has other under barons responsible for war, treasury, foreign affairs, domestic affairs, and emperor’s pleasure. All of these barons report to Symextrivilicus. In turn Symextrivilicus reports to Emperor Quan. Each under baron has his or her own staff who aids them in their business.

There are few consistent punishments for crimes in Parian. The soldiers enforce the law of the land at the emperor’s whim. If the emperor decides one day stealing is punishable by death, then it is. If Quan changes his mind and decides all thieves will serve jail time, become slaves, or have their hands removed, then that is the new law. One would be wise to listen every morning to Parian’s news criers for any changes or updates in the law of the land.


Parian has a long tradition of slavery. The very rich are able to buy prisoners of war, criminals, and the children of slaves to work for them. Supposedly slavers no longer illegally capture and sell foreigners, but it is well known that some pirates still capture ships and sell the people to Parian nobles who ask no questions.

Rowdy slaves are kept in line by enforcer-slaves who are shown favoritism, better living conditions, and more privileges and freedoms. All slaves branded in case they ever escape. Many treat their slaves fairly well, but it’s not a life for which most would wish. Marrial’s Masters of None have taken a particular interest in the slaves of Parian and works to secretly free them, though this is against international law.


Emperor Quan is God in the eyes of Parian’s people. There is no freedom of religion, believing in the divinity of the emperor, or Imperatism, is the only option. Infidels and heretics are tortured and executed publicly for all to see.

Quan has ways of proving his divinity to his people. He often gives public demonstrations of his power by creating fire and lightning out of thin air. While these displays are impressive, all mages could point out these are spells readily available to any who learn the craft. They would be wise to do so out of earshot of the emperor and any of his servants if they value their lives. Quan has also given public displays of power which show off how long he can hold his breath, how swords break against his skin, how he can read thoughts, and more. All of these could be explained away with the right spell, but to some it is real proof.

The divinity of the emperor is explained in the Denang Scrolls, an ancient holy text of Imperatism. In the beginning there was only Aliay Denang. he created Canus and the multiverse through sheer force of will and gave life to all creatures and plants. It was his gift to the world which he could take away at anytime. A power many Parians believe and fear Quan and all his ancestors also hold.

Aliay’s body grew old on Canus. For though He was God, it took all His might to keep the world moving and living. This took a toll on his body, causing it to age. Though Aliay could have lived forever, He passed on his divinity to a new body, one of His sons. Aliya’s old body died and His son was now God. Parian’s believe all emperor’s pass this divinity as their bodies age from maintaining the existence of the world.

Many in Canus, including some citizens of Parian, think that Imperatism is one of the most insane things they’ve ever heard. Others believe in the emperor’s divinity for not only does Quan display impressive might, he has clerics who pray to him and receive spells. Of course, when he commands the world’s largest military, many have faith in Quan as God for they have no other choice.


Other countries whisper rumors about Quan beyond him being a God or a mortal. There are all sorts of theories about his background and the Denang Dynasty.

  • Emperor Quan is not God, nor is anyone of the Denang Dynasty. Aliay sold his soul and his entire family to demons in exchange for power. Every emperor since Aliay has been possessed by a demon.
  • The Denang Dynasty is not a long lineage. Rather it is simply two generations of fathers and sons who are constantly switching places. Once the fathers become old, they absorb the youth of an unfortunate young victim. After turning young, they pretend to be the sons of their sons. This is a cycle which has been repeating so long neither generation can remember which is the parent and which is the offspring.
  • Emperor Quan is secretly a woman. Quan had a twin sister who died in a mysterious accident during a hunt as a child. Many believe it was actually Quan who died and his sister took his place. Quan’s soft complexion adds credence to this rumor.
  • Emperor Quan actually holds The Immortal Gift from the Line of Mara in the religion of Immortalism, Aeranore’s official religion.

As you can see Emperor Quan and Parian have more going on than meets the eye. What do you think? Do you want Parian to be part of your world?

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