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Hello, friends!!! I’m getting psyched for the release of the D&D Starter Set and Basic D&D rules today! TODAY IS THE DAY!!!! In honor of the gaming glory I present to you magic items from the Exploration Age Campaign Guide. Go ahead, add them to your game. Who doesn’t want a Belt of the Monkey?!?!

Don’t fight now! There’s enough for everyone.
Flying Disc

Very rare magic armor (shield)

This steel shield’s face is always bright and shiny. Dirt and grime seem to simply fall off its surfaces and any dings or dents received in battle disappear overnight. The white angel wings emblazoned on its front are always showing and Elven runes are engraved in gold and diamond around the shield’s perimeter. When the flying disc is activated the letters move in a circular motion around the shield and the wings begin flapping. This shield was made by the elves during the Arachna War to help specialized warriors reach their eight-legged enemies.

Property: You gain a +1 bonus to AC while you wield this shield.

As an action, you throw the flying disc on the ground and stand on top of it. Using the disc this way allows it to carry you through the air and as a result you gain a fly speed of 30 feet.

You can use the shield to fly up to four hours each day, all at once or in several shorter flights. Attempting to fly beyond that time causes the magic to gradually fade, and you descend at a rate of 10 feet per round until you land.

For every uninterrupted period of 12 hours the flying disc is not being flown, the shield regains 2 hours of flying.

While using the shield to fly, it does not grant you any bonus to AC.

Tortoise Shell

Rare armor (hide)

This green and brown hide armor is actually constructed of tortoise shells and a wearer feels slightly more secure and safe when it is donned. This armor was created by the shamans of Verda’s tribes to protect themselves during battles and raids from enemies. Any non-shaman wearing this armor will probably be met with distaste by members of the tribes.

Property: While wearing this armor you gain a +2 bonus to AC.

In addition, the armor can cast sanctuary (DC 14) on you as an action once per day.

Revolver of the Dragon Hunter

Very rare weapon (aberrant revolver)

Forged by the aberrants themselves for battling their greatest enemy, this adamantine revolver has blue sapphires inlaid in the grip and is pure midnight black everywhere else. When used in a fight, the revolver grows warm with excitement and small red runes spelling out the phrase “death to lizards” in the aberrant tongue appear on the barrel.

Property: You gain a +1 bonus to the attack rolls and the damage rolls made with this aberrant revolver.

Property [Attuned]: If you are a non-dragon, the weapon’s bonus increases from +1 to +3.

In addition, this weapon ignores any acid, cold, fire, or lightning damage immunities of enemies.

Belt of the Monkey

Uncommon wondrous item

This metal belt is made of silver monkeys locked arm in arm with tiny pieces of jade for each primate’s eyes. While wearing it, one feels the tickling urge to treat the world as a playground and swing on objects and climb trees and buildings.

These belts were supposedly crafted by a Verdan tiefling who was jealous of the monkey’s tail being prehensile. He crafted this belt for himself and after showing it off, many of his friends wanted one too. So, he crafted more. Eventually the Spire Council caught wind of his activities and taught the tiefling to be proud of his own non-prehensile tail and scattered the belts across Verda.

Property: While wearing this belt you add double your proficiency to Strength (Athletics) checks to climb.

In addition, as an action any tail you have becomes prehensile for an hour. If you do not have a tail, you grow a 3-foot prehensile tail out of your posterior for an hour. You can hang from your tail, provided it has something to hold onto. Your tail also acts as a third arm and hand, allowing you to manipulate and wield objects which weigh 5 lbs. or less. In this state you could hold three weapons at once, but you can still only fight with two at a time. You cannot use this ability again until you have completed a long rest.

Box of Shrinking

Wondrous Item

These plain boxes are carved with dwarven runes, surprisingly light, and roughly the size of a loaf of bread. Inside, the box is much more extravagant, lined with crushed velvet and studded with gems. An old dwarf nursery rhyme plays when the box is open – “The Legend of Calibra Daliq,” a dwarf wizard thief, who shrunk herself to sneak past guards and locked doors in order to get her riches. She was, of course, beheaded in the end for her crime.

Property: The GM either rolls to determine the box’s type or chooses one from the options available.

d100 Type Original Object Space Rarity
01 – 50 Iron No larger than 5-foot cube Rare
51 – 80 Steel No larger than a 10-foot cube Very Rare
81 – 95 Mithral No larger than a 15-foot cube Legendary
96 – 00 Adamantine No larger than a 20-foot cube Artifact

You can use the box of shrinking’s Grow and Shrink abilities once per day each. You must be holding the box to use either ability.

Grow: As an action, any item previously shrunken by a box of shrinking of equal or lesser rarity and power may be grown. The item must be placed in the box of shrinking and its original size must be within the parameters on the table above. Once the command word is spoken the object appears in an unoccupied space adjacent to the box of shrinking. You must be holding the box of shrinking to use this ability.

Shrink: As an action you may speak a command word and one non-living object within 50 feet of the box of shrinking has its size reduced to a 1-inch cube and is teleported into the box. The item stays this size until it is grown by a box of shrinking. The shrunken item may be no larger than specified on the table above.

Shoes of the Party Lord

Very rare wondrous item

These fine green, silver, and blue silk slippers are crafted with emeralds on the heel and made by Aeronre’s mages for the more clumsy members of the royal court. The pleasant jingling of tiny bells can be heard when you dance in these shoes in front of an audience.

Property: While wearing these shoes you add double your proficiency to Dexterity (Acrobatics) checks to dance or tumble.

Property [Attuned] : While wearing these shoes, any creature who makes an opportunity attacks made against you makes that attack roll at a disadvantage.

Tongue of Contentment

Rare bioorganic item

This disembodied black tongue is studded with rubies and warm to the touch. It twitches as if it were still alive. It is believed the tongue of contentment was invented by whatever strange race lived within The Damned Lands before it was destroyed to prevent folk from starving on long journeys.

Property: You must remove your own tongue and replace it with the tongue of contentment. This process can be done during a short or long rest.

In addition, you do not suffer from hunger or thirst and do not need to eat or drink.

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