Monster October Wrapup and Site Changes

As monster October wraps up for World Builder Blog, I wanted to thank everyone who’s been following this thing and making the blog a success. Also, thank you for the feedback I’ve been getting! It’s been super duper helpful in refining these monsters to be the best they can be! A special shoutout to Scot Newbury over at the Of Dice and Dragons blog, since his RPG Blog Carnival theme inspired me to take the whole month and create some badass fifth edition Dungeons and Dragons monsters!

Words are Wind

It’s great to thank people, but even better when you can show your appreciate for them beyond a verbal acknowledgement. Therefore I’m excited to present the update fifth edition Exploration Age monsters in PDF form. Use the links to download the whole shebang or just your favorite monster. Included in the pdf below are the gaping maw, icebreaker shark, The Lingering Havoc, the sand kraken, the morchia, the mystauk, the blazing wraith, and the dread wraith.

Exploration Age Monsters

Blazing and Dread Wraiths

Gaping Maw

Icebreaker Shark



Sand Kraken

The Lingering Havoc

Site Update

Since it’s going to be pretty dang annoying for you to have to find this exact post anytime you want to use one of these monsters in your game, I’m happy to offer a new Free Game Resources section of this site. Here you can download the PDFs of the Exploration Age monsters for free forever in addition to any new stuff I might create and post there. I’ve already thrown in my Eberron Fiasco playset (which takes place in Making, Cyre during The Last War before The Day of Mourning) which you can also check out below.

Fiasco Playset Eberron Making

All this is to say, thanks! You guys rock and I’m so glad I started this thing and got to meet all you cool people! More fun stuff to come!

Also, take a gander at the poll below and let me know which Exploration Age monster you like best!

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