The Snow and an Elder Brain

Hey everyone! A quick note that today’s World Builder Blog update will be coming late – possibly tomorrow. Spoiler alert: I’m working on putting all the World Builder Blog backgrounds into a pay what you want PDF on the DMs Guild. I would have had it ready to go for today, but I live in the Washington, DC area and I had a pretty long, terrible commute home last night like many in the area which involved abandoning my car in the parking lot of restaurant with a very kind owner. Side note: if you live in the area, check out Pacci’s Trattoria in Forest Glen! Super excellent service.

In the meantime if you’re craving some awesome D&D action, checkout Newbie DM’s awesome elder brain. I terrified my PCs with it a while back and it was super fun.

More to come! East coasters, stay safe this weekend (and the rest of you too).

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