Roleplaying Tips Podcast #2

Hey everyone! I was on a new episode of the Roleplaying Tips Podcast! This time we talk more about Descent into the Demonplague Dungeon!

From the host Johnn Four:

Thanks to everyone for the interest and feedback on the first RPT Podcast.

I’ve done it again. I spit into a mic and tossed word salad in the hopes something tasty and nutritious for Game Masters would come out.

In RPT Podcast E2, world builder James Introcaso and I talk about the adventure we’re building.

The adventure now has a name!

We talk about adventure design, crafting NPCs, and a couple other topics.

This episode is much shorter, around 30 mins. I think that’s the length I’ll be aiming for in the future. We’ll see as I get a few more of these under my belt.

Update: I’m still working on iTunes and RSS feeds for the podcast. Stay tuned for news on that front. Sorry for the delay on getting this set up properly.

Update 2: My Blubrry podcasting plugin says this is the feed URL. However, it words it like the feed is just for iTunes and other services. It does not say if it’s good for your feed reader. Could you give it a try and let me know if it work ok?

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