Fuzzy Dice Show!

Today’s blog post may look short, but I assure you it’s actually about 3 hours long. I had the honor and pleasure of being invited on Fuzzy Dice: The DM Show from Brian Podell. The weekly Twitch series features GMs waxing poetic about their games and taking questions from the audience. Alongside Brian and I was the amazing Guy Sclanders of How To Be A Great GM (if you haven’t seen this YouTube series, check it out!) We talk Roll20, D&D 5e, worldbuilding, and a whole lot more in the episode below. Check it out. If you like this one, you’ll love the episodes with Mike Shea of Sly Flourish and Matt Mercer.

This has already been a heck of year and I’m headed out on vacation today. There won’t be a normal update next week, but I will see you all back here on September 1st with some awesome new content. Thank you all for being great!

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