Rotted Angel

Once again I’m continuing my quest to add killer undead to the options already available in the fifth edition Monster Manual for my world of Enora. So far we’ve seen husks, skeletal dragons, vampiric dragonsvampiric vineselemental undead, and nightshades. Now I’d like to turn another, the rotted angel. It’s time for some celestial undead.

Artwork © 2008 Jeff Freels

Rotted Angel

Towering beings of decaying flesh and damaged wings, rotted angels are obscene corruptions of good. Nearly impossible to create, these servants are the pride and joy of the evil necromancers that craft them. Living angels believe it is their sworn duty to kill such abominations and fallen angels often hunt their rotted cousins to regain the grace of the gods.

Born in Blood. Creating a rotted angel first requires the capture of a living angel. Then over the course of twelve hours, a horrific ritual is performed that involves the sacrifice of one-hundred innocent humanoid souls, burned alive one at a time. At the end of this ritual, the angel dies, its soul is twisted by evil, and then returned to its body, which begins to decay as it struggles to contain the darkness within. The rotted angel retains all the memories of the original.

Relentless Evil. Rotted angels answer only to the necromancers that created them. They delight in cruelty and relish tasks of murder, destruction, and torture. More than anything else, the angels take pleasure in tricking or forcing good-aligned creatures to commit unspeakable acts. The angels often craft situations that ask these creatures to make impossible decisions to drive them to malice and madness.

Unbound Rotted Angels. Only the necromancer that created the rotted angel can keep the monster in check. Should the necromancer die, the angel becomes unbound. It is free to do whatever it chooses. Unbound rotted angels travel the multiverse, looking for angels and heroes to turn to evil and drive mad.

Return to Grace. A rotted angel can be returned to its living state. If the monster is captured, a new ritual can be performed to restore it. Over the course of twelve hours, one-hundred undead creatures are destroyed one at a time. At the end of this ritual, the angel’s body and soul are restored to its previous living state.

Undead Nature. A rotted angel doesn’t require air, food, drink, or sleep.

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Rotted Angel

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