Pre-Order the Demonplague!

If you’ve been following this blog at all in the last two months, then you know that I launched a Kickstarter with Johnn Four of Roleplaying Tips! The Kickstarter did SUPER, DUPER well thanks to all your support, but it only ran for two weeks. I know some folks were sad about that and feel like they missed out… Well good news! Johnn has put a Demonplague pre-order page up on his site!

The Demonplague is an fifth edition adventure divided into four parts that….

  • Takes characters from levels 1 to 20!
  • Takes place in a valley that can be dropped into any campaign setting!
  • Has a player-driven story with tough choices and the world at stake!
  • Helps new DMs learn how to run a player-driven, open story!
  • Gives plenty of new content and a great story for DMs who have been playing for years!
  • Has over 20 new creatures!
  • Includes a hexcrawl kit to help you run awesome exploration adventures!

The adventure is written and edited, we just need the Kickstarter money for the layout and art. You WILL get this product if you back it. It only runs for 14 days, so if you’re interested now’s the best time to get in.

You can find previews of the work here and here.

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