Tabletop Voices

Hey guess what? You can preorder The Demonplague, my level 1 – 20 fifth edition adventure, right now! The prices are about to go up, so preorder now to get the best deal.

I am pleased to announce that I am four episodes into Tabletop Voices on the Encounter Roleplay Twitch and YouTube channels. My guests so far have included: Teos Abadia, Rich Lescouflair, Hadeel al-Massari, and Kat Kuhl!

As of today, the show is also available as a podcast. Episode 1 is up now and new episodes will release every week. The Google Play, Stitcher, and iTunes feeds are here. If you’re eager, you can also grab the RSS feed! Please subscribe, rate, and review!

I’ve embedded the videos of all the interviews below. Enjoy!

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