The Demonplague in Published Campaign Settings

Last week The Demonplague went on sale in both PDF and print. If you’ve got a hard copy of the book, send me a shelfie on Twitter (because they make me so happy)! In this post, I’ll show you where you can set the adventure that takes characters from level 1 – 20 in several popular published settings!

The Demonplague takes place in the remote Luna Valley, a once-frozen landscape now hot and humid thanks to a supernatural comet striking the land. Now one village remains in the mud-soaked valley, Tomar’s Crossing, a place for refugees to gather, monsters to attack, and intrigue to hide! The Luna Valley is packed with adventure locations unveiled by the melt and a mysterious sickness which leads adventurers to dive deep into forgotten places. If you’re unfamiliar with story of The Demonplague, you can find out more by reading the introduction!

The Luna Valley can be dropped into almost any campaign setting with almost no adjustment. While there is an ocean, the Sardon Sea, on one side of the valley, the adventure’s plot does not depend on the body of water. Any remote, mountainous region will do. Here are some of the ways you can work the adventure into your favorite published setting.

Forgotten Realms

The Demonplague stream and podcast takes place in the Forgotten Realms. It is recommended the Luna Valley be placed in the Spine of the World, a mountain range in the northern region of Faerûn. The Sea of Moving Ice makes a great stand-in for the Sardon Sea.


The Corusk Mountains in Greyhawk are dangerous, ice-capped, and surrounded by the Solnor Ocean. This mountain range is the perfect place for the Luna Valley.


Several locations in Eberron feature icy, mountainous regions appropriate for the Luna Valley. The Bluespine Peaks and Dowron’s Shield of Xen’drik make good locations, but some of the best places for the Luna Valley are actually islands of the north coast of Khorvaire. Instead of mountains surrounding most of the region, you could have icy seas on all sides if you set your Demonplague game on Ice Shear Isle, Icewhite Island, or Icegaunt Island.

Nentir Vale

The fourth edition D&D setting of the Nentir Vale is a great place to set The Demonplague. The Luna Valley fits perfectly in the dangerous Cairngorm Peaks of the cozy setting.


The world of Krynn has several mountain ranges, but the Icewall is the perfect place to put the Luna Valley.


In the world Aebrynis the frozen lands of Thaele make a great home for the Luna Valley.


In Mystara the Viking-inspired kingdom of Vestland has many mountainous regions the Luna Valley could call home.

Dark Sun

Despite being a mostly desert world, there is SOME ice on very tops of the Ringing Mountains in Dark Sun. The glacier that once sat in the Luna Valley is there for a special reason (read the adventure to find out), so it is entirely possible to place the Luna Valley in these dangerous mountains and have the region even more devastated when the glacier melts and the land’s source of water disappears.


Kobold Press’ Midgard setting has a frozen mountainous region called the Northlands, which makes the perfect remote home for the Luna Valley.


The now-famous Critical Role campaign setting has a range called the Cliffkeep Mountains. The northern most part of the range extends into frozen lands that make a great place for the Luna Valley.

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