Giff, Tarrasques, and New Year

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I’m on vacation at the moment, so just a quick update about what I did last week!

Dice, Camera, Action

First if you missed it, I was on an episode of Dice, Camera, Action with DM Chris Perkins, regular players Holly Conrad and Jared Knabenbaur, and fellow special guests James J. Haeck and Kate Welch! Just what did James and I play? I’ll giff you a hint, but you have to watch the video below to get the whole picture. HUGE THANKS to Chris Perkins for having me as a guest, all the awesome players, and all the incredible viewers.

Tarrasques for Charity

I was also lucky enough to play D&D to help raise some money for charity. Jim Davis, the Web DM himself, asked me to run my DMs Guild adventure Invasion from the Planet of Tarrasques as part of his holiday charity stream with also Web DM Grant Ellis. Players included Jim, Grant, Rudy Basso, Lysa Chen, and TK Johnson. We had a blast and raised $400 for the American Prevention for Suicide Prevention. Thanks to Jim, Grant, all the players, and everyone who watched and donated!


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