More Boxed Text and Artifacts of the Guild

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Hey all! So last week’s post spurred a fun conversation across the community about the value of boxed text. Thanks to all who read and participated. I want to clarify something that came up many times on Twitter.

Boxed Text Has Value And Shouldn’t Be Abolished in Favor of Nothing

As I pointed out in my previous post, I do think boxed text has value, mostly in providing a place for upfront player knowledge and giving the GM some flavor in descriptions. If we are to replace boxed text, I would want to do so with a device that also does both of those things and all of the things boxed text does not. So to be clear, I’d rather have boxed text than nothing, though not everyone feels that way, and that is also good.

I saw a lot of “I like boxed text, but…” responses. Those “buts” are the problems I think game designers like myself should try to address, while keeping the aspects people like. Based on the responses, many people like the fact that boxed text has the two benefits I pointed out. Others also find boxed text atheistically pleasing in an adventure, which I think can also be handled with any new method a game designer creates. (There is no reason I can’t throw a box around some bullet points.)

Artifacts of the Guild

I also contributed to Artifacts of the Guild, an already Platinum-best-selling compilation of magic items from authors across the DMs Guild! Many of the magic items I contributed were first put on this blog. They now exist in a revised, playtested form in the product. Here’s the description:

Add 260 new magic items into your Dungeons & Dragons 5e game, including 10 all-new Artifacts!

Artifacts of the Guild is a DMs Guild community project that gives you more magic items to use at your table. From minor trinkets to ancient relics, these items will enthrall your players, power up your NPCs, and inspire your campaigns.

Written by 58 of the Guild’s most talented and exciting creators, this book instantly provides you with more heroic magic items, suitable to fill a treasure chest of any size. From a sunken shipwreck to a dragon’s hoard, these items will fit perfectly into any fantasy campaign.

Inside the book you will find:

  • 10 incredible artifacts, including the Blades of the Archrogue, the Sanguine Shield, and the Staff of Tiamat
  • 30 legendary items, such as Baldur’s Gatehouse, Gruumsh’s Blessing, and the Heart of Hydrathis
  • More than 50 very rare items, like the Black Blade of Vartigan, the Gift of Graz’zt, and the Tome of the White Hand
  • More than 70 rare items, including the Airstep Shroud, the Fey-Touched Summoning Egg, and the Sky Piercer
  • Plus almost 100 more!

Adventure Atlas Available in Print

Finally Tactical Maps: Adventure Atlas is now available in softcover! You can get your copy here!

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