Roll20Con is Burning Up!

Check out Burn Bryte, an original science fantasy TTRPG I helped create for Roll20!

Hey all! I wanted to give you a quick update about Roll20Con! As you can tell from the Key Art, Burn Bryte is a big part of this year’s theme. If you’ve been waiting to check out Roll20, this is the weekend to do it. You’ve got a lot of chances to read, watch, and play the game absolutely free.

Trapped at the Edge

First, during Roll20Con, Roll20 is giving a FREE starter adventure for Burn Bryte called Trapped at the Edge! I wrote this adventure and Sally Tamarkin edited it. From the beginning of the design process, the whole design team wanted a way to provide the Burn Bryte experience to folks for free. With this adventure, we’re hoping we helped make finances less of an obstacle for folks who want to try out this science fantasy TTRPG.

Trapped at the Edge comes with six pregenerated characters, quickstart rules, and a 2-hour scenario so your group can learn all the basics of Burn Bryte in a single evening. You can pick it up starting this Friday.

Plus you can sign up to PLAY Trapped at the Edge right now. GMs will be running the demo during the con, but sign up ASAP, because slots are going fast.

Of course, if you prefer to learn by actual play, Roll20 and I have you covered there too. On Sunday at 2PM Pacific Time, I’m going to run a game on Roll20’s Twitch channel for Samwise Gamegee, Kelli Butler, Noir Enigma, and Daniel Kwan! I cannot wait! Come watch us and join the fun!

PLUS you can buy this AWESOME Burn Bryte T-shirt! Proceeds benefit Code2040, which is an amazing charity.

Plus Two New Burn Bryte Products

In addition to Trapped at the Edge, there are two new Burn Bryte products you can buy RIGHT NOW.

First up is After Midnight. This much longer Burn Bryte adventure is only $9.99 and will entertain your gaming group for many sessions. It comes with maps, tokens, handouts, and everything you need to play an awesome game of Burn Bryte. Here’s the product description:

A distress signal from the Ghost Belt, a system too close to the Burn for comfort, sends player characters on a race across the galaxy, tracking hostile robots, underground deals, and space pirates! With billions of lives at stake, will the heroes confront the fleet or flee?

You can also pick up the Galactic Grimoire, a book of new monsters, NPC spaceships, and player ship maps and modules. This expansion for Burn Bryte is just $19.99! Here’s the description:

This supplement is the game’s first non-adventure expansion, which provides strange, fantastic creatures to befriend and challenge player characters, new ships for adventurers to call home, new modules to expand a vessel’s capabilities, and more NPC spacecrafts for GMs to add to the armadas of friends and foes.

If you have the time to check out Burn Bryte this weekend, please do.

To find out more about Roll20Con, check out the video below!

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