After Midnight – A Full Burn Bryte Campaign

Check out Burn Bryte, an original science fantasy TTRPG I helped create for Roll20!

Last week I revealed that the first full campaign-length adventure for Burn Bryte was available on the Roll20 Marketplace (along with a few other products). I wanted to talk a little bit more about that adventure, entitled After Midnight.

When Burn Bryte was released this Summer, fans of the system immediately asked for a longer adventure, and that’s exactly what this is. All of the maps, tokens, and handouts are ready to go in Roll20. If you’re a Pro or Plus subscriber, Dynamic Lighting is ready to go. This is a full campaign planned and ready to rock for you.

This adventure takes you all over the Olaxis Galaxy. Players face space pirates in an underwater mansion, hostile critters in a mushroom jungle cave, hostile robots in a secret lab, and a lot more while uncovering a sinister plot! Billions of lives hang in the balance! I am SUPER proud of everyone’s work on this adventure, and I think it shows off the system well. If you’ve been itching to play a longer Burn Bryte game, you should definitely check out After Midnight.

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