The Necronomizine

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Want a zine filled with eldritch horror for your tabletop roleplaying games? Well good news! The Necronomizine is here to fulfill all your needs! From the mind of Threadbare designer Stephanie Bryant comes a collaboration that includes the writing work of Shawn P. Conlin, Kenton Hansen, and me! Plus art from Trivia Fox and Nathaneal Winget and editing from Ashton Duncan and Jeff Lamb. Here’s the product description from the product page:

This zine is a terrifying collection of scenarios and game content for use in your eldritch horror games, all lovingly illustrated to fuel your dreams and nightmares! If you like Lovecraftian fiction, horror games, and unspeakable monsters that twist reality itself, you’ll love this project.

I contributed an article about eldritch items that can be dropped into any tabletop RPG. There is a lot of other goodness in here too: Fate of Cthulhu adventure, a Dread scenario, a system agnostic adventure, plus some other tidbits in this zine that is over 40 pages.

Check it out!

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