Puzzle Master: Volume 1

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I am super excited to announce that Puzzle Master: Volume 1 is currently available on the DMs Guild! I contributed to this DMs Guild Adepts product that was led by Celeste Conowitch and featured the work of Stacey Allan, M.T. Black, and Hannah Rose. Here’s the description of the product from the DMs Guild:

Greetings traveler, you are invited to the grand opening of Aenigma’s premiere puzzle dungeon! Congratulations on receiving this illustrious invitation! You’d best be on your way. Dragons don’t like to be kept waiting.

Challenge and delight your players with the premiere issue of Puzzle Master! Inside this supplement, you will find ten puzzles suitable for every level of play, accompanied by beautifully rendered handouts.

Puzzle Master also includes a unique dungeon that utilizes the puzzles to craft an escape room-style experience.

This title includes:

-10 puzzles suitable to use in any adventure.

-20 hand-crafted puzzle handouts for you to print or digitally share with your players.

-A unique puzzle dungeon play experience.

-Difficulty ratings for each puzzle, and suggestions on how to adapt them.

-A series of hints to help your players solve each puzzle.

-Suggestions on how to run each puzzle in person or digitally.

So if you want puzzles to drop into your games, check out Puzzle Master: Volume 1.

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