Merry D&Dmas

Perfect gift for a naughty PC.

First things first. Here’s my gift to all of you. The Legendary Lineage background and the Cook background. Check them out below. These will always live in the Free Game Resources section of the site. Thanks for the feedback on these!

Legendary Lineage Background

Cook Background

But Wait, There’s More!

My players are awesome. You’ve probably heard a lot of them on The Round Table podcast I host so you know that it’s a group of kind, hilarious, amazing people I am privileged to call my friends. I wanted to send them a little holiday gift so here’s an email I sent to them. This idea is taken from the The Geeky Hostess who was a recent guest on the Dungeons and Dragons podcast where she talked about giving D&D themed gifts. These cost nothing but a little of your time and are usually quite fun for your players. It was a genius idea so I stole it!

Hey People of D&D,

First of all you rock. Thanks for taking time to roll some bones with me once a week or so. I love the stories we tell together. The highlight of my week is sitting down and relaxing with all of you to play some D&D.
I wanted to give you all a little gift this holiday season to show you my appreciation. So, below are a few bullet points that you can each invoke one time during any fifth edition D&D game I DM in the future.
  • Gain advantage on any d20 roll before rolling.
  • Turn any roll of a natural 1 on a d20 into a natural 20.
  • Gain 5 temporary HP.
  • Add one potion of the DM’s choice to any treasure hoard.
  • Automatically stabilize after failing a death saving throw.
Hope you enjoy! Looking forward to seeing all of you soon!

The gifts you give your players are FREE and very easy to scale up or down based on what you want to give your players. Maybe instead of all the idea above you grant them each an uncommon wondrous item. The options are endless and awesome. Let me know what you might give your players in the comments below! My players really loved this gift and have already used some of the benefits bestowed upon them. Just in time for all the D&D you’ll be playing over the holidays! Happy holidays everyone!

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