“Get Sick!” Published

Just a quick post here to let you all know that my second published article, “Get Sick,” is currently available through EN World EN5ider. Morrus, EN World King, and his team are awesome and have been putting out great fifth edition content and they have a whole catalogue of stuff still to come. I definitely recommend you check out the work over there. My first article, “Give Chase,” is available over there as well and ready to make chases in your game awesome.

“Get Sick,” contains six new diseases for your game including bottle fever, demonic plague, ooze decay, itching insides, aberrant touch, and walking rot. There’s also some advice from me at the beginning of the article about crafting your own diseases for fifth edition! Once again, I have to praise the team and EN5ider. James Haeck, the editor, is the best in the business and should get a raise. The art is so fun and wonderful. You can get a few articles and adventure from free so check EN World EN5ider out!

On Tuesday I’ll be posting a companion piece to go with the article on this blog so stay tuned!

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