The Tiamat Takedown

Remember the Tarrasque Takedown? Well the goodness continues as Mike Shea DMs Joe Lastowski, Chris Dudley, Topher Kohan, Liz Theis, and me in a battle for the ages! We’re stress-testing high-level combat in the new edition of Dungeons and Dragons once again and this time we’re taking on the most powerful villain the game currently has to offer – Tiamat! Her statistics were recently revealed in the Rise of Tiamat adventure from Kobold Press.

We’ll be living streaming the game on Google+ Hangout and on YouTube. I’ll be posting characters here and we’ll release an edited version of the audio as a podcast on and have a follow-up conversation as part of The Round Table podcast I host.

It’s all going down at 8:30PM Eastern on Tuesday, December 2nd. Please pass the Google+ and Facebook events around and invite people. Also, if you use social media to talk about this, please use #TiamatTakedown. Hell yeah!

It’s on like Donkey Kong!

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