Encounters in Theros, Charity Bundles, and Freebies!

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I have a ton of announcements this week for you. Let’s start with a little DMs Guild fun.

Encounters in Theros

Encounters in Theros is the latest DMs Guild product I contributed to with the team of DMs Guild Adepts. This supplement is great for any Theros or D&D campaign inspired by ancient Greece. Here’s the product description:

Bring your mythic campaign to life with this companion supplement for Mythic Odysseys of Theros!

Encounters in Theros presents over 70 short encounters for a variety of environments. Keep characters busy with these story-rich experiences that help flesh out the world of Theros. This supplement is great for Mythic Odysseys of Theros or any other mythic campaign!

This is a DMs Guild Adept product. The Dungeon Masters Guild Adept program brings talented individuals together to produce quality content for the DMs Guild. Guild Adept products are identified with the golden ampersand.

From the DMs Guild product page

National Police Accountability Project Bundle

The DMs Guild has three Black Lives Matter charity bundles and Invasion from the Planet of Tarrasques is part of the National Police Accountability Project bundle. You can also check out the Black Lives Matter bundle and the NAACP Legal Defense bundle. Each bundle benefits charity, costs $9.99, and has more than $150 of content within!

Hellturel and Two Dungeons: FREE

For a limited time, Hellturel, my expansion for Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus, is available for FREE as part of the D&D Stay at Home, Play at Home promotion. If that’s not enough free for you, then head on over to my ongoing Kickstarter for Fantastic Lairs and grab TWO free dungeons that you can drop into any game: Caves of the Cockatrice and the mechadragon that is Ashsnarl’s Secret.

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