The James Introcaso Nerdarchy Interview and Last-Minute Holiday Gifts

Want to hear me wax poetic about game design, the Dungeons & Dragons product rollout strategy, Roll20, the Dungeon Master’s Guild, and the greater Philadelphia area? Of course you do!

Dave from Nerdarchy was kind enough to invite me on his amazing show to talk about all that and more. Our hour-long discussion is below. Thank you so much to Dave and the whole Nerdarchy movement for having me on! It was such a fun conversation.


Gift Ideas!

Do you need some last-minute gift ideas for that special player or GM in your life. Check out my suggestions below (and here’s two previous posts on the subject)! It’s always fun to appreciate your friends, especially at this time of year.

  • Offer to host a game night at your place and cook or buy everyone dinner!
  • Give the gift of a gift certificate to a Local Friendly Gaming store! Even if you play remotely, find out where your friends shop, give the shop a call and order the gift over the phone. Ask the owner to give it to your friend the next time they appear in the shop.
  • Give the gift of a OneBookShelf gift certificate (good at DriveThruRPG and DMs Guild among other places)!
  • If you play online, give the gift of Roll20! You can give folks subscription plans, content packs, and game systems through the marketplace! I’m a Roll20 guy, but you can find similar gifts for Fantasy Grounds, d20PRO, and D&D Beyond.
  • If you’re short on cash, not a problem. There’s lots you can do. Run a special game over the holidays for your friends, give them IN game gifts (magic items FTW), or help out your GM by offering to run a game or give them one of many free adventures on this site or from the DMs Guild. There’s lots you can do to show you care.

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