Where Can You Find Me at Origins?

Hey everyone! Just another quick update here to let you know where you can find me at Origins. I’d love to meet you and say hi! I’m already here and it’s already a blast!

  • Thursday: I’ll be at the D&D area hanging out to play MOON 1-1 from 7PM to 9PM. Otherwise, I’m wandering around, having fun, and playing games!
  • Friday: I’ll be at the sub-optimal panel for Dice, Camera, Action watching in the audience, enjoying the tales of the Waffle Crew from 1PM to 2PM. Other than that, more walking around, loving life, and playing games.
  • Saturday
    • I’ll be in the audience for the Adventurers and Story Design Panel from 11AM to Noon.
    • I’ll be in the D&D area for the D&D Open from 2PM to 10PM with one exception…
    • I’ll be on the Roll20 Panel, From Pen and Paper to Virtual Tabletop: Designing through the Culture Shift from 5PM to 6PM. If you aren’t at the open, miss this one. Cool stuff is happening.

So those are some of the places I’ll be. Come hang and say hi! Maybe we can play some games.

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