The Launch of the Master’s Vault

I’ve been hard at work since Spring with some awesome semi-secret projects! Now a fifth edition D&D adventure I wrote is available and it’s completely free!

What is it?

The Master’s Vault is a fifth edition adventure for 1st-level characters from Roll20, my favorite virtual table. It is designed to introduce new players to D&D and Roll20. If you’re never played a tabletop RPG or never used a virtual table or both, this is the adventure for you. A $0 price tag on the adventure and the fact that you can use Roll20 for free means this product is meant to bring new players into the hobby. Share it with your soon-to-be gamer friends!

If you’re a fifth edition vet who plays every game on Roll20, you’ll still get a lot out of the adventure so give it a shot! I mean, c’mon! It’s free!

Find out how to grab the adventure.

Here’s a brief description of the adventure’s story:

For more than a century Elaria Feywing, known to many as The Master, mentored young adventurers in combat, exploration, and magic. Little is known about the elf woman’s past and her days as a wandering wizard, but her status as a teacher is legendary.

And here’s a video of Richard Zayas, Rudy Basso, Nadja Otikor, James D’Amato, and Greg Bilsland playing through the adventure during Roll20CON:

Who worked on it?

I designed the adventure but so many others have their fingerprints on this thing. There’s art and maps from Russ Hapke and Gabriel Pickard. There’s tokens from Phillip Wright. There’s a special puzzle designed by Stephen Shomo. Liz Courts did the layout. Roll20 co-founders Nolan T. Jones and Riley Dutton produced the dang thing. It is a beautiful, lovely product of which we should all be proud.

I also need to give an extra special shoutout to Andrew Kane, who went through the manuscript and fixed all my typos and to Richard Zayas for encouraging me to take this project on.

So get out there and adventure.

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