Magic Armor

Note: You can now find the magic items in this article as a part of 50 New Magic Items, a Pay What You Want product on the DMs Guild.

So we’ve already seen some wondrous items and magic weapons from the Exploration Age Campaign Guide, but there’s plenty more to share! Today I’m showing off the magic armor of Exploration Age. Some of these you’ve seen before in previous posts (I Made These For You and A Few (Magic) Things), but most of these are entirely new!

If you understand this reference we are friends.

Please keep providing feedback! The comment thread on the weapons’ post is invaluable to me. I want more of that! Once all the magic items are revised you’ll be able to find them in the form of a sweet, sweet PDF on the Free Game Resources section of this site.

If you understand this reference we are best friends.

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Hey please take a moment and let me know what you think. If you haven’t checked out my wondrous items and magic weapons check those out too and let me know! Thanks.

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