Battlesystem Brawl – Slorn Battleborn

Say hello to Slorn Battleborn! He’s Alex Basso‘s character for the Battlesystem Brawl – coming this Sunday night at 7:30 to The Tome Show’s Twitch channel.

PDF Character Sheet – Slorn Battleborn

Slorn “Battleborn” was just a warrior for his tribe.  After a yet another victory in battle with a rival tribe, Slorn participated in the customary raising of weapons toward the sky.  *ZAP* *BAM*  LIGHTNING!  His battleaxe was struck by lightning, thrown from clouds that gathered in an instant!  Slorn was knocked unconscious for 3 days.  While he was out, he had visions of a minor deity named Ragnor.  Ragnor claimed to be a powerful god of war, and demanded that Slorn spread the word of his name.  He gifted Slorn with divine powers, which he utilized to slay the leader of his tribe when he awoke.  This new power commanded the respect of his tribesman, who did not question his rule.  Slorn now wanders the world with his tribe, following visions from Ragor that lead him toward pending battle.  When battle is found, Slorn and his followers join whichever side will take him, only looking to further spread the name of their new god.

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