Prison for Dragons Updated! Free Fifth Edition Adventure

So I’ve been on vacation so I don’t have much new to share in today’s post.

Instead I’m giving you a new version of the Prison for Dragons adventure. I’ve had a lot of folks downloading and checking out the adventure and got some great feedback from folks. I’ve really changed two things…

  1. I’ve added some space between the columns so the words don’t run together.
  2. Someone on the EN World forums pointed out there might be a copyright issue with a specific term for undead dragons (it rhymes with “lacodrich”) which I have now changed to “undead dragon mage.”

Prison for Dragons is a fifth edition adventure for four to six level 12 PCs.

Below is a link to the updated version of the adventure in a nice, downloadable, FREE PDF. You can grab it in the link below or you can head on over to the Free Game Resources section of the site where it will live forever alongside plenty of other resources for your game like monstersD&D fifth edition rules modules, backgroundsspells, magic items, and more.

Prison for Dragons


I’ve got more links below of the individual dungeon maps, both with and without grids, for you to use however you like. Personally, I’ll be bringing them right into Roll20 as I play through with my group.

All these maps were made using Pyromancers‘ Dungeon Painter tool. I love it! So fast, easy, web-based and free!

All of these maps also live on the Free Game Resources section of this site.


Shuzal 1 No Grid 57x66 Shuzal 3 No Grid 100x100 Shuzal 2 No Grid 131x63 Shuzal 4 No Grid 102x100


Shuzal 1 Grid 57x66 Shuzal 3 Grid 100x100 Shuzal 2 Grid 131x63 Shuzal 4 Grid 102x100

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