The Night Santa Went Crazy

It all started when I wanted my PCs to fight Santa. I started creating an adventure to do just that and I shared the Dungeons and Dragons fifth edition monster statistics for Mr. Claus and his crew on this very blog. I plan on posting the entire adventure next week, but before I put it all together in a free holiday PDF for ya’ll, I wanted to share the final important piece of the adventure. This is the magic item that makes St. Nick go insane.

You see Narese, an evil empyrean on Santa’s naughty list, got her hands on the Crown of Bewitching Enchantment. This powerful artifact allowed her to dominate the jolly old celestial and turn him bad. Soon he started sending gifts to everyone on his naughty list and exploding coal to the kiddies on the nice list. Dang that must be one powerful crown! Read about it below.

I should also mention that this blog post is part of this month’s RPG Blog Carnival, which is being hosted right here on this very blog for all of December. The theme is “Homebrew Holiday Gifts.” I’m asking bloggers everywhere to share their RPG creations for their favorite systems with me. At the end of the month I’ll make a list linking all participating blog posts so everyone can checkout the fine homebrew creations in one place.

The Crown of Bewitching Enchantment

Wondrous Item, artifact (requires attunement)

Forged millennia ago for the Prince of Frost of The Winter Court in the Feywild, the Crown of Betwitching Enchantment can force all but the most willful beings into utter subjugation to the wearer. The crafter, an elf witch who fell madly in love with the Prince of Frost, spent more than 500 years pouring magical energy into the crown each day before she presented it to the man of her affection.

This was long before the Prince of Frost was cruel and heartless. He accepted the gift from the witch, but feared the ultimate power it possessed and ordered the crown sent away. For centuries it sat in the Nine Hells. Those who knew of the crown were unable to retrieve it and the devils had no idea it was hidden in the wastes of Avernus. Eventually Asmodeus himself felt the pull of the crown. He ordered it retrieved and gave it to one of his pit fiend commanders named She’kalor. The fiend brought balor generals under her control and the eternal stalemate of the Blood War began to tip in the favor of the devils.

Solars took notice and realized the fiends had to be stopped. If the armies of The Nine Hells took over The Abyss, how many other planes might the combined forces of demons and devils conquer together? The angels sacrificed much to get the Crown of Bewitching Enchantment, but they keep it with them at all times. Should the need arise and a hero prove strong of heart and mind, they will award the crown for a short time to aid the doing of good deeds.

Random Properties. The Crown of Bewitching Enchantment has the following random properties:

  • 1 major detrimental property
  • 2 minor beneficial properties
  • 1 major beneficial property
  • 1 minor detrimental property

Properties of the Crown. While attuned to the crown you gain the following benefits.

  • You are immune to psychic damage.
  • You are immune to the charmed condition.
  • You cannot be surprised.
  • You can cast the following spells at-will (spell save DC 20): dominate personfey stepinvisibility, zone of truth
  • As an action you cast a special form of dominate monster (spell save DC 20). This spell functions the same way as the normal spell except all creatures have disadvantage against this saving throw, it does not require concentration, and the duration is indefinite. You can have up to three creatures charmed this way. If you want to charm a fourth creature using this ability, you must choose to release one of the creatures you already have charmed (no action). The effect ends on all creatures if you are killed, a new wearer becomes attuned to the crown, or the crown is destroyed.
  • As an action you can emit a 60-foot cone of psychic power from the crown. Creatures you choose in the cone must succeed on a DC 20 Wisdom saving throw or take 8d8 psychic damage and become paralyzed for 1 minute. Creatures paralyzed in this way can repeat the saving throw at the end of their turns, ending the effect of a success. Once you have used this power three times, you cannot use it again until the next day at dawn.

Destroying the Crown. The only way to destroy the Crown of Bewitching Enchantment is to gather a coven of fifty hags to perform a daylong ritual which summons a blessed elder purple worm to devour the crown.


Would you like a PDF of this magic item along with the hundreds of other D&D fifth edition magic items I’ve created on this blog? Grab it below!

Crown of Bewitching Enchantment

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