RPG Blog Carnival Wrap-Up – Homebrew Holiday Gifts!

I want to thank everyone who helped make this RPG Blog Carnival a huge success!!!! Organized by Johnn Four over at Roleplaying Tips, the carnival is hosted by a different blog each month. The owner of the hosting blog picks a RPG-related theme and then invites other bloggers to write at least one post on that theme in their own blogs. In December this blog hosted with the theme of Homebrew Holiday gifts and the entries were all super awesome. I’m not lying, the bloggers brought the heat.

So without further adieu… here are the entries!

5th Edition D&D Homebrew Creations

5e GrognardGoblins of Eska – A PC race of awesome for fifth edition from Jon Bupp.

5e GrognardHuan’anpan of Eska (Dog men) – A new PC race of canine humanoids and an updated wand of teeth (magic item) for fifth edition.

5e GrognardObsidian Giant – A fifth edition update to an obscure, but awesome monster.

Connors CampaignsD&D Slave BG – A new background for PCs who were slaves.

Daemons & DeathraysBizarre Bazaar – Fantastic Items for the Planes for D&D Fifth Edition Brian Rubinfeld provides five new magic items: diabolic firebrand,  bottle of dream salve, brass ring of the efreeti, channeling hilt of Zerthimon, and token of he who smiles.

Daemons & Deathrays – Gnolls – A Ferocious Race for D&D 5e Gives the classic race a story and stats for players to make PCs.

Loot the Body5 Magic Items For Magic Users – New magic items from Chris Delvo for those who cast. Take a peak at gauntlets of efreet, idiot’s guide to being a wizard, baby’s first homunculus, and amulet of the twins.

Loot the BodyBone Fly Swam – A monster – it’s a swarm of undead insects!

Loot the BodyGrippli Zen Monks – A monster – gripplis are some kick butt tree frog humanoids!

Loot the BodyTreasure Type Z: The Revised Hunter – A variant ranger class – this revised archetype seeks to change that which has left many unsatisfied.

Loot the BodyUnearthed Arcana Review: That Old Black Magic (plus a new Tiefling!) – A (sub)race – kyton tieflings carry the blood of their namesake.

Merric’s Musings5e Encounter: The Stone Spider A preview encounter from an adventure Merric Blackman himself is writing! PCs enter a tunnel ready to fight a cockatrice, but find something much more sinister waiting for them…

Power Word KillHey, Hey We’re the Monkeys (and Apes) Monster stats for monkeys and apes from Babblemancer himself.

Power Word KillTyger Tyger Burning Bright Monster stats for big cats!

World Builder Blog – Happy Holidays A free adventure which provides monster stats for Santa, Mrs. Claus, a small race of elves, hot chocolate elementals, and animated toys. It includes a map of Santa’s workshop as well.

System Neutral

Arcane Game LoreMr. M’s Equipment Emporium Tom Stephens provides the first of his two-sheet locations (complete with maps): a large store that’s got all the goods any sci-fi or fantasy adventuring party needs.

Campaign MasteryPieces of Creation: Lon Than, Kalika, and the Prison of Jade Mike Bourke gives us three new NPCs with rich stories that can be worked into any game.

HellahexiLead Mine & Manufactory A great map, history, and description for a rich kobold lair!

Moebius Adventures12 Random Gifts for PCs Out of the Blue Brian Fitzpatrick, who had the most creative entries in the carnival, provides gifts that can become quest hooks, complications, and relationship developers. Random tables included!

Moebius AdventuresGifts From Your Frenemies Provides some great story ideas about how a GM can use conflicted relationships with NPCs to shake up the game.

Moebius AdventuresPast Lives: The Gift That Keeps on Giving Brian gives suggestions on a how a PC’s past life can influence its current and provides more random tables!

Moebius AdventuresThe Gift of Giving (Evil) Get ready for some inspired story ideas about how gift-giving can really be part of a sinister plot!

Moebius AdventuresWhat’s In the Box? Want to give a PC or NPC a random present or put something strange and awesome inside of a chest? Then these random tables are for you!

Tales of a GMRed Fungus Maze  Phil gives us a new location outside of Sigil (part of the Planescape campaign setting) and it sounds awesome. Beware the infinity worm!

Other Systems

Arcane Game LoreMapping Port Loren Tom Stephens recreates a digital map of Port Loren for the Star Frontiers RPG.

Connors CampaignsCypher Force Flavor Cypher flavor for the typical Jedi to bring Star Wars into your game!

Leicester’s RambleThe Children’s Crusade RPG By far one of the most ambitious entries, V.A. created AN ENTIRELY NEW RPG plus an adventure wherein the players are heroic kids!

Lizard’s Gaming BlogBoredom in Pathfinder A genius idea that could be easily converted for most systems, Lizard gives us new variant rules for what happens when a CHARACTER gets bored during an adventure.

World Builder Blog – Shadow of the Demon Lord Pregens Provides Starting, Novice, Expert, and Master pregens for your Shadow of the Demon Lord games.

Check out that bounty of homebrew goodness! And if I missed an entry, let me know ASAP and I’ll add it.

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