New DMs Guild Product – Tarokka Expansion!

I told you my last blog post was a preview for my upcoming DMs Guild product, well now it’s here! Tarokka Expansion gives you a bunch of new options for the tarokka deck you bought for Curse of Strahd. With this product you can…

  • Use the tarokka deck as a randomizer instead of dice on any random table (including encounter and treasure tables).
  • Use the tarokka deck and the corresponding Tarokka Deck Critical Hit Effects table whenever a creature scores a critical hit to make those 20s pack a little more punch.
  • Use the tarokka deck and the corresponding Tarokka Deck Critical Failure Effects table whenever a creature scores a critical failure to make those 1s misdirected awesomes instead of automatic misses.
  • Introduce a new NPC villain into Curse of Strahd or any gothic horror game. The Collector uses the tarokka deck to summon creatures, cast spells, and curse adventurers who cross her path.


This product will be making an appearance during my 2PM Pacific time game during Roll20CON. As of this posting – Roll20CON is tomorrow! Check out the schedule below! You’ll notice I’m running two fifth edition games during the 24-hour live stream with some of the biggest names in Dungeons and Dragons including…


If you haven’t heard about Roll20CON yet, the info is below!

The free, online-only celebration of the Roll20 Community will take place on June 3rd, 2016 for just 24 hours – but you can start preparing, listing, and joining games now! From 12AM – 11:59PM Pacific time, there will be games galore played on my favorite virtual table. You’ll want to join in the action and get to try some of the Plus and Pro subscription features for free. That’s right. Dynamic Lighting (and tons of other awesome features) will be free during Roll20CON.

During the convention, some of your favorite streamers, publishers, podcasters, and I will be live onTwitch helping raise money for Cybersmile, the international non-profit supporting victims of cyberbullying.

Needless to say I am thrilled about this and nervous. I’d love your support and love on game day. So if you’re around at 5AM or 2PM Pacific time on June 3, 2016, check out Twitch and watch us play D&D!

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