Happy Thanksgaming!

Just a quick update today since it’s Thanksgiving in the US and the Guild Adepts are hard at work on Xanathar’s Lost Notes to Everything Else.

I am grateful for many things this holiday. I’ve got a great life at home with an amazing spouse and new dog. I get to work with some amazing people and I’ll be announcing some awesome products in the new year! Plus my friends and family are awesome.

I am especially grateful to you, the readers of this blog and listeners of the podcast. You are all amazing and your support is humbling. Thank you for all the kind words, feedback, and encouragement over the last almost four years!

I also need to thank someone in particular. Rudy Basso, who co-founded Don’t Split the Podcast Network with me. He is an incredible partner, who does the lion’s share of work for the network and Have Spellbook, Will Travel. He’s my con buddy who plays tons of games with me. He’s organized, smart, passionate, creative, hilarious, and an amazing friend. I give thanks often that he is my pal and today is no different! So let’s all give thanks to Rudy, because he’s the man!

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