Monsters without Borders

Hey everyone! Lots of irons in the fire this week and many upcoming secret projects (2018 still has some huge announcements coming), but I wanted to update you about latest DMs Guild collaboration.

Monsters without Borders is a collaboration of several DMs Guild authors that takes some of the freakiest beasties from the site and puts them into one Pay What You Want tome. This release is actually a smaller preview of an even bigger bestiary collaboration coming soon called Monsters of the Guild.

My contribution to this bad boy is the werespider, which you may have seen before in my product Arachnids, Wraiths, and Zombies. The werespider has been updated and perfected in Monsters without Borders and now includes some killer art!

The best part of Monsters without Borders is that all the author royalties are going to Doctors Without Borders, one of the greatest organizations in the world. It’s a foundation of heroes.

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