The Burn Bryte Panel and How New Force Grey Killed Tiamat!

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The Burn Bryte Panel

For those of you who have questions about Burn Bryte, a new RPG exclusively for the Roll20 platform I helped develop, I’ve got a bunch of answers for you. Yesterday Jim McClureKat KuhlDarcy Ross, Nolan T. Jones, and myself got on Twitch and showed off the game’s story, mechanics, and artwork. We’re all clearly very proud of our baby. Check out the conversation in the video below! (Please forgive a few technical difficulties at the the start.)

Watch Burn Bryte Developer Chat: Engage! from Roll20App on

The Story of New Force Grey

In my previous post about D&D in a Castle, I mentioned my players had a long, bullet-pointed account of our three-day adventure! I’m super proud to share that with you now. Check out the document in the PDF below. It is an amazing account and though many pages, a quick read! May it inspire your own adventures. Thank you to all of them for putting this amazing document together. Best. Players. EVER!

The Abridged Adventures of New Force Grey

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