Galactic Grimoire: More Creatures and Spaceships for Burn Bryte

Check out Burn Bryte, an original science fantasy TTRPG I helped create for Roll20!

I am really excited that Burn Bryte is not out in the world, in hundreds of gamers’ digital hands, and that many people are checking it out. The first supplement we wanted to make for the game also released a couple weeks ago called Galactic Grimoire.

This supplement expands the creature options in the Burn Bryte Core Rulebook, providing 25 new creatures, many of them unique and interesting alien threats that will totally change up your Burn Bryte game and keep players on their toes. Plus there are 16 new NPC spaceships for you to add to your space battles!

The fun doesn’t stop there. Galactic Grimoire includes 6 new player maps and 20 ship modules to add to those in the Burn Bryte Core Rulebook. With so many new options in Galactic Grimoire, you will feel comfortable telling Burn Bryte stories with your players for years to come!

You can pick it up Galactic Grimoire on the Roll20 Marketplace!

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