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First of all, happy Gen Con, everybody! If you’re in Indianapolis right now, so am I! Hit me up on Twitter or via blog comment below and perhaps we can hang.

In addition, I’ll be starting my Exploration Age campaign soon! After more than half a year of worldbuilding, it’s almost ready to go! Thank you for reading about Canus and giving your feedback. As the we play the world will continue to grow and change, so I’ll still be posting rules modules, new monsters, worldbuilding tips and process, GM advice, and more. I might even share the world with all of you…..

Also, if you’re not at Gen Con and don’t live near a Wizards Play Network store, then you don’t have a copy of the Player’s Handbook yet, but you will next week. However, the Dungeon Master’s Guide has yet to come out and won’t make an appearance until November, so that means your campaigns are a little lacking in the magic item department. Luckily, I’m here to help!

First of all, here’s a few posts I’ve already done with magic items in them:

Now here’s even more of what’s in store for you in the Exploration Age Campaign Guide.

A butt-ton of magic items.


Face of Distraction

Very rare armor (shield)

These round, black steel shield were created for the elite bodyguards of the emperor of Parian. A terrifying, sunken face grimaces on the front of the shield with eyes of onyx. In combat the face can be made to let out a horrifying shriek, distracting an opponent. These shields were sold, destroyed, and discarded during the reign of Negoma Quan, for the shrieks coming from the training yard annoyed him.

Property: This shield grants time wielder a +2 bonus to AC.

In addition, as a bonus action you may cause the shield to shriek at an adjacent enemy. The target must make a DC 14 Wisdom saving throw or the next attack roll made against it before the start of your next turn has advantage.

You must complete a short or long rest before you can use this bonus action again.


Flaming Punch Ring

Rare ring

Long ago, a sect of monks living in snow-covered lands created the flaming punch ring in order to combat the denizens of the land.

The ring is carved from black volcanic rock and has small rubies all along its outside. It is warm to the touch and when fire is around the rubies seem to sparkle more than usual.

Property: You gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls with unarmed attacks.

In addition, your unarmed attacks deal an extra 2d6 fire damage.

Ring of Impenetrable Sanctuary

Very rare wondrous item

Rulers and other people with power have these rings forged for their spouses and children. The rings are made of gold and silver twirled together, and a single large sapphire set in the center.

Property [Attuned]: You gain a +2 bonus to AC while wearing this ring.

In addition, you can cast sanctuary (DC 18) upon yourself once per day.

Wondrous Items

My belt is pretty and magic!
Belt of Hidden Knives

Rare wondrous item

This appears to be a simple, unassuming black leather belt when wrapped around the user’s waist. When removed, a small diamond can be seen stitched into the belt’s underside. Each time this belt is buckled, it sounds like a sword being drawn from a sheath.

Property: As part of an attack, you can draw a +1 dagger from the belt of hidden knives. If the dagger leaves your hands it ceases to exist at the end of your turn. The belt does not run out of daggers. You must be wearing the belt to use this property.

Belt of the Scorpion

Legendary wondrous item

It is said these belts were invented by an assassin who covered up her kills by making it seem like a scorpion had attacked her marks.

The belt of the scorpion is a piece of mithral chain held together by a padlock with a single, large emerald at its center. When the belt is within 10 feet of an arachnid, a faint light flickers within the emerald.

Property: While wearing this belt you have resistance to poison damage and advantage on saving throws against poison.

Property [Attuned]: While wearing the belt of the scorpion, you can make a scorpion-like mithral tail grow from the back of the belt. The tail is a light, finesse weapon which deals 1d6 piercing damage and has a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls. Once per day, when you deal damage to a target with this attack, you may choose to inject it with venom. The target must make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or become paralyzed for one minute.

Boots of the Wild

Rare wondrous item

The shaman of Verda’s tribes craft special boots of animal skin, each dotted with a tiny gem on the soul. The boots usually lace up to the knee, and are found in several varieties of animal skin – from deer to lizard.

Property: While wearing the boots add 5 feet to your speed. In addition, use the chart below to determine the type of difficult terrain you can ignore while wearing the boots of the wild.

Skin Ignored Difficult Terrain(s)
Lizard Swamp, Marsh, Jungle
Deer Forest
Ram Mountains
Reindeer Snowfields, Frozen Ocean
Bracelet of Seduction

Rare magic item

Some merchants have these charm bracelets specially made, so they might avoid trouble during their travels. The bracelet is well made, a silver chain with small silver heart charms hanging off each link. A single one of these charms is carved from a rose zircon, which gives off a small amount of heat when the bracelet’s magic is activated.

Property: While wearing the bracelet, three times per day you may use charm person (DC 15) – you must be touching the target in order to use this magic.

Cheater’s Gloves

Uncommon wondrous item

These fine white gloves of a gentlemen or elbow length gloves of a lady were invented by the classiest of thieves. Each glove fastens with a single, diamond studded button. While wearing them, a user has an itching urge to palm small, unattended objects.

Property: When you use these gloves you have advantage when making a Dexterity (sleight of hand) check to steal an item and when your character plays a game with cards or dice.

Fishscale Flippers

Rare wondrous item

A dragonborn wizard who married into a family of pearl divers in Marrial created these flippers to appease his in-laws after he was caught philandering. The legend says he only managed to create a few pairs before his wife used his creation to swim him to the bottom of the sea.

The flippers are crafted from green fish scales and feature small sapphires on their heels. They immediately conform to the foot of any Medium or Small creature who wears them.

Property: While wearing these flippers, you can breathe underwater and gain a swim speed equal to your current speed.

Hands of the Craftsman

Uncommon Wondrous Item

Hags invented these sturdy leather work gloves with a cat’s eye on the back. They gave the hands of the craftsman to artisans in exchange for the lives of their children. Every time one puts on the gloves, they experience the memory of a loved one they have lost.

Property: When you wear the hands of the craftsman the time it takes to create a mundane item is cut in half and you need only pay a third of the material costs to do so.

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