Burn Bryte Livestream, AcadeCon, and the Demonplague

You can order The Demonplague, my level 1 – 20 fifth edition adventure, right now!

This is a mega-announcement post! Here we go.

Burn Bryte Livestream

I am THRILLED to announce that starting on Monday at Noon Pacific on the Roll20 Twitch channel I will be running a livestream of Burn Bryte, the RPG I created for Roll20 with Jim McClureKat Kuhl, and Darcy Ross. My players include Kat Kuhl, Pumpkinberry, Ceejay, and Alex! We’re going to be playing through the first longer adventure I wrote for the system. Come watch us play to learn what the game is all about. The playtest version of the game is currently open to Roll20 Pro subscribers and should open to Plus subscribers soon.


My DSPN co-founder, Rudy Basso, and I are headed to AcadeCon in Dayton, Ohio! If you’ll be there this weekend, come find us and say hi. It’s one of the best conventions there is!

The Demonplague

The DSPN livestream of The Demonplague, the level 1-20 adventure I wrote with Johnn Four of Roleplaying Tips, is eight episodes in now and going strong! There’s a podcast version of the show and all the episodes are on YouTube, so it’s easy to catch up! If you haven’t checked out the show yet, please do! If you have, give us a rating on iTunes and share the show with someone who you think will like it.

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