Tiamat Takedown Tonight – Meet the PCs!

As many of you already know, the Tiamat Takedown is tonight at 8:30PM Eastern. If you don’t know what that is, read on!

Mike Shea DMs Joe Lastowski, Chris DudleyTopher Kohan, Liz Theis, and me in a battle for the ages! We’re stress-testing high-level combat in the new edition of Dungeons and Dragons once again and this time we’re taking on the most powerful villain the game currently has to offer – Tiamat! Her statistics were recently revealed in the Rise of Tiamat adventure from Kobold Press.

Well, get ready to meet the PCs for tonight’s main event! Click this link to see the sheets! Here’s who is playing whom.

  • Joe Lastowski – Azaghal Broadbeam, mountain dwarf paladin
  • James Introcaso – Glandarang Broadbeam, hill dwarf cleric
  • Topher Kohan – Hank, mountain dwarf ranger
  • Christopher Dudley – Shikayo, human monk
  • Liz Theis – Umak, half-orc barbarian
  • Mike Shea – Tiamat, really big five-headed queen of chromatic dragons

So join us tonight! We’ll be living streaming the game on Google+ Hangout and on YouTube. We’ll release an edited version of the audio as a podcast on thetomeshow.com and have a follow-up conversation as part of The Round Table podcast I host.

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