Mind Trip

Hey guess what? You can preorder my level 1 – 20 fifth edition adventure right now!

Do you like mind flayers? Do you like the Underdark? Do you like illithid dreamscapes?

Well good news, my latest D&D Adventurers League adventure is now available for purchase on the DMs Guild! It’s called Mind Trip and it’s the second part in a trio of adventures that takes place near Phlan. A city struck by disaster, Phlan is rebuilding and its refugees are returning…. but some people aren’t making it back. What’s taking them away? Find out in this trilogy of awesome! Here’s the description of Mind Trip:

Phlan’s refugees are being assaulted on the road and taken into the Underdark to become illithid thralls. Can the characters save some of the travelers and uncover the mastermind of this evil operation? Only a delve into the Underdark will tell.

This adventure is part two of the “The Dreamers” series. It originally debuted at Tidewater Comicon 2018. Find out more at https://tidewatercomicon.com/.

“The Dreamers” begins with CCC-MIND01-01 Lost in Thought by Jay Anderson and concludes in CCC-MIND01-03 Dream Walkers by Alan Patrick, although the adventures can be played in any order.

Many thanks to Ginny Loveday and David Morris for producing this adventure series! It was a ton of fun to get to work on part of it. Behold the beautiful art by Jay Africa and Elven Tower.

This adventure has something different going on (that was a suggestion from Alan Patrick), so I hope you enjoy the weirdness!

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