Scare Your Players with HUNTER!

Halloween is coming up and that’s an excellent time to scare you players with a terrifying game! Be it a Curse of Strahd one shot or a battle with a rotted angel, we’re all getting ready to scare our players.

Well I’m happy to share with you my latest DMs Guild Adepts collaboration with the incredible Will Doyle, who is one of the designers who worked on the hardcover adventure for Tomb of Annihilation among many other credits.

Hunter is tough adventure for 3rd level characters that can be dropped into any Tomb of Annihilation or jungle campaign or played as a Halloween one shot! It’s heavily inspired by the movie Predator if you couldn’t tell from the cover, made my the amazing Stacey Allan.

Just what makes Hunter so scary? Let me give you a list that you should apply to any horror-themed adventure. Use this as a checklist if you plan to run a scary adventure centered around a monster.

  • The characters are out of their element in an alien jungle.
  • The characters are trapped in a valley.
  • The characters are hunted by a monster far more powerful than they are (in this case it’s the legendary Uluu Thalongh of Chult and Forgotten Realms infamy).
  • The monster has all sorts of creepy, deceptive abilities (in this case puppetting dead bodies and the power to hide in any plant).
  • The characters meet some very badass NPCs who are then killed off by the monster before their eyes, demonstrating the creature’s power.

Happy Halloween and enjoy being hunted!

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